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Used Processing & Packaging Machinery  -  New Tablet/Capsule Equipment  -  Blow/Fill/Seal Machinery Rebuilt by HealthStar

Used Processing & Packaging Machinery

Killian TX-30 Tablet Press

HyTek Automation Solutions - Merrill 72-39 #1005_001

Lantech Pallet Wrapper

Tote Systems Bin Blender

West Capper RW-600-SS

New Tablet/Capsule Equipment

HealthStar/JCMCO 16-Station BD Tablet Press

The HealthStar / JCMCO 16 Station H-BD Tablet Press is an R&D Dream Machine. One machine to handle your 'B' and 'D' tooling needs. The H-BD press has 16 stations, alternating 'B' and 'D' sizes, affording your R&D personnel up to 8 operating stations of each. Upper punch bores are keyed for non-round tablets. With pre-compression AND main compression applications, you have control of your tablet development. Changeover from 'B' to 'D' is a quick and easy matter of swapping upper and lower cams. The press comes with all the cams and blanks required. Also included, are both an open feed frame and a variable speed power feed frame, as well as a variable speed power hopper feeder with automatic product delivery and run out protection. The compression compartment is closed and separate, yet set up and cleaning are made simple with removable doors and panels providing complete access all around the machine. Punch and die bores are to TSM (IPT) standards. Turret drive can be via mechanical clutch or VFD. Instrumentation packages are available.

Model TP-500 Tablet Deduster

Tablet Deduster HealthStar, Inc. JCMCO TP-500

Model TCI Capsule Inspection Machine

Model TCI Tablet Inspection Machine

Blow/Fill/Seal Machinery Rebuilt by HealthStar

Rebuilt Weiler Model 624 Blow/Fill/Seal Machine

Rebuilt Model 301A Blow/Fill/Seal Machine

BFS 301A Demonstration Video

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